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Agave Syrup was first manufactured in 2008, and a year later Agave Crystals and Agave Inulin Fibre was formulated, mainly as an additive in food production, specifically aimed at the Chocolate, Cool drink and Dairy Industry as a sweetener for Low GI, Sugar Free and Diabetic friendly products.

The company is owned and operated by Brian Neary, who has many years experience in the Agave industry.

The company specialises in the manufacture and supply of speciality sweeteners such as Agave Syrup, Agave Crystals, Agave Inulin Fibre, Xylitol Crystals and Xylitol Syrup as well as Cocoa bean related products such as Cocoa Powder, Cocoa Liquor and Cocoa Oil.

Our products are sold in Bulk and in Retail packs throughout the world and we pride ourselves in the quality of our manufacturing capabilities.

New developments include our capacity to now produce Erythritol Powder in bulk quantities. We welcome enquiries in this regard.